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Help! please rationalize this for me

This is a little confusing so please bear with me. I was having dinner at My girlfriend's house when she told me the day before we were to leave on a scheduled trip (memorial day weekend) that she was going and I was not because her daughter decided to go at the last minute. I reacted in a very quiet way and left her house very quickly. She ran after me asking me to water her plants while she was gone and give her a call over the weekend. I kept saying "sure no problem - see ya". Normally I would not say that when leaving but I was hurt that she did this on one day notice.

I waited 2 days to call her because I was pretty upset. Normally we would talk everyday. By then she had her phone turned off. I went to her house the next day to ask what was wrong and she called the police on me. When she called from the police station I asked her what happened and she replied "none of your business".

To this day I have no idea what happened and she has yet to give me a reason. She wont talk to me. Is there any possibility that she broke up with me because she thought I was going to and she needed to maintain control?

Other pertinent info is that I lost my job due to the bad economy 2 weeks before that with no severance. She started snapping at me over future decisions I was now making. I have had many friends repeatedly calling me to check to see how I am doing but no calls from her.

I saw her at the shopping center the other day and I did say to her "I still have no idea what I did wrong". She looked like she was in a daze and did not say a word to me.

We had some great times in our relationship. She was the social director and I did not complain because I enjoyed the things she enjoyed. I thought she was very bright and that there was nothing she could not do. It just seemed that whenever I wanted to do something that was my idea she had no interest.

Sex lasted only 10 minutes every two weeks. She would initiate it but I was the one who did all the pleasuring. She was from a Calvinist background originally. This was probably the least satisfying sexual relationship I have ever had but I kept downplaying that fact because I enjoyed the activities we did together.

During the course of our relationship she told me many things such as
-my fraternal twin sister does not care about me
-I was the black sheep of the family
-I am not use to anyone caring about me
-I am opinionated so people get mad at me
-my ex-husbands family is trying to turn my daughter against me
-I spent 6 years alone not having anyone to do things with.
-I spent years going to school events alone
-They could not control me

She did not seem to have any friends. She has cut me off and I am hurting. How could someone change over 2 days?

Does anyone have any ideas what happened?

Re: Help! please rationalize this for me

Please stay away from her!

Re: Help! please rationalize this for me

listen i completely understand you sound exactly like me... u r too good for her.... u feel like u need to know trust me when i tell you whatever the answer is its going to be a lie... someone else deserves your love not her, she is too controlling and unappreciative, you need to go out and find someone to share your love with. be careful dont fall for another sociopath remember they are good at what they do real good,, good luck