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Hello out there!

Hi train buffs. Thought we'd start a new category here. One of the first things I remember about trains was when I was around 5 years old or so. My mom took me to a friends house and in the basement there was a huge layout. Well I think it was huge. (At that age everything is huge.) But I remember there must have been 4 of those big transformers and I think I had to stand on a chair to see the trains run. Wow was that exciting!!! So anyone else have a first experience like that they remember from a young age??


Re: Hello out there!

Okay I have three early memories that stuck with me all my life and is probably responsible for my lifelong passion for trains.

My Dad's dad owned two standard passenger cars sandwiched together to live in, a diner and a coach. they were located in Hibbing Minnesota such that just across the alley were mainline tracks, and I would watch the big DM&IR Mallets pull 150 car loads of iron ore. Yes I could count when I was 4 back in 1945 and I'd count the cars on every train that passed through.
My Mom's Dad was a locomotive engineer on the SP&S in the 40's and 50's. his run was Wishram Wa to Pasco. I got to ride on an RS-3 a short distance with him when I was about 6 tears old in 1947.
Then also about that time I remember visiting a cousin in Vancouver Wa that had a Lionel train set up running on an oval of track that could be slid under his bed. while partially slid out I remember watching that cool red caboose disappear and reappear from under the bed. These events did it for me, I was hooked good for life.