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Welcome to my ridiculous poling thing.

Was 2004 ....
A fantastic year for me!
A good year I think.
Ho-hum, okay I guess. Maybe.
Oh I don't know, kind of not good really.
Oh my god are you kidding? What planet were you on?
It sucked. Big time.
If I am consigned to hell when I die I will have been well prepared, thanks to this year.
I don't even want to think about it.

Now, about 2005
I truly believe it will be better than last year.
I hope for the best. Things are looking up?
I don't know. I don't care really.
I have some good plans, I think it will be special for me.
I expecting something wonderful so yes, it should be fantastic!
I don't do fortune telling thank you very much.
The world will end not with a bang but with a whimper.
I'm going to be the next Donald Trump. I mean it.
I wish you peace and hope and good health, and just enough good fortune to make you smile at least once.

Did you know in the Gomery Investigation a Conservative MP was accused of asking $5k to assist in getting immigrants approved?

Did you know it was the Liberals who started the Gomery investigation to find out what was going on and hopefully charge those responsible?
Whatever, it still doesn't absolve them from the fact they did it

Should liberals under investigation now long gone still be an excuse to turf the Liberals out?
Don't care

Do you hope the new Pope will bring some reform?
Yes, I think condoms should be allowed for sexual health reasons.
Yes, women should have some status at least.
Yes, I'm Anglican and still want the two churches to join together again.
No. It is the word of God and you don't mess with the word of God.
What does it matter? These are men making rules for a billion people. Who says they are the voice of God anyway?
I'm not interested in Catholicism.
I'm not into organized religion thanks.
My dog has fleas.

Do you want a new Federal election right now?
This too shall pass

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