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TORH/YHVH Code in First 5 Books Question

Chuck Missler (and others) claim that the word TORH is found in ELS of 50 (49 spaces between letters) in Genesis and Exodus. Likewise, the word, spelled backwards (HROT), is found in Numbers and Deuteronomy in ELS of 50. In Leviticus, TORH is not found, but YHVH is located in ELS at 8 (or 7 spaces between letters). They claim that the Torah always points to the name of God.

I used The Keys to the Bible Software to confirm the occurrences in Genesis and Exodus. Manually looking at the grid of Genesis 1, I find at the first "T" the code TORH at 50 ELS (49 spaces). Exodus 1 is exactly the same.

My problems begin when I go to Numbers. It is no longer the first "H" that I come to, but the 3rd "H" where TORH is spelled in reverse, in ELS of 50 (49 spaces). Then going to Deuteronomy, I get lost. HROT doesn't show up at an ELS of 50 until chapter 5:16.

I then go to Leviticus, and YHVH is found there at an ELS of 8 (7 spaces between letters) starting with the first "Y".

When I sit back and look at this information, Missler's hypothesis is tentatively affirmed. The word TORH is found in Genesis and Exodus. The word HORT is found in Numbers and Deuteronomy (albeit not perfectly arranged as in Genesis and Exodus). In addition, the word YHVH is found in Leviticus at the prescribed interval.

Trouble arises for this hypothesis, though, on further searches. I also found TORH and HROT at 50 ELS in all 5 books (in fact in all the OT books). I also found YHVH throughout the OT at 8 ELS. This means that not only does the Torah point to YHVH, it also points away from it at the same time.

Further, when I open the ELS sequences from 2 to 50 or above, all these words and word orders are found throughout the OT thousands of times. Wouldn't this point to the conclusion that these codes are not supernatural in origin, but simply random patterns? (I'm not referring to any other bible codes, just this Torah code and the claim that the Torah always points to the name of God).

I will add that I am not a skeptic or a non-believer. I am simply trying to understand the evidence I have found from my own inquiry into the matter.

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