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make kenya a better place

please take your time to fill out this survey delete the answers as necesery thank you

1 have you ever visited Kenya? Yes/no

2 if yes how many times? 1/ 2 / more

3 do you consider Kenya to be a safe place ? Yes/no

4 do you think Kenya has a corrupt government yes/no

5 if yes do you think Kenya declaring its state of independence was the cause yes/no

6 would you consider Kenya a developing country yes/no

7 if no to the first question would you ever visit Kenya yes/no

8 have you ever herd of the big 5 yes/no

9 do you think Kenyans are exploited ? Yes/ no

10 do you know who rules kenya / yes/ no

Re: make kenya a better place - by gods armen - Apr 4, 2009 1:00pm
Re: make kenya a better place - by xi vigilante - Apr 4, 2009 1:02pm
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