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Whats going on in America's sky,,Do you stay sick,how about your family

My nose burn like fire and my eyes water so bad I could hardly see,the doctor said I had the Flu but I knew better.I been watching Jets in da sky and they were spraying something and it was not heat from the Jets engines. I was keeping massive head acks and blowing blood from my nose so was my family members. I have allways been a healthy person and I never had breathing problems and eye problems and head acks. I got a 3 thousand dollar hospital bill and they were still wanting to run test on me. The hospital did'nt know what was wrong with me but yet they said I had the flu but they want me to go back for more test just for the money ripping people off. I prayed to the lord to send me a answer and he did. To begin with I got on the top of my house with plastic paper and duck Tape and taped all the air vents leading into my house. I taped the bathroom fan vents and the cloths dryer vents,then I went to the hardware store and bought some painters mask to ware when I was in the yard. After I taped all the opennings in my home and started wearing the masks,after 3 days I was no longer sick. The goverment is spraying chemicals in the air trying to fix a gaint hole in the OZONE and they don't tell people of the world this chemical is falling down on peoples homes into the air vent in thier homes,and fall down on thier heads when they are out side working or playing. I bet you and your family keep nasal infection and eye problems and massive head acks. Go to the link below and witness why our love ones are dieing by the hundreds and staying sick. The old and the very young are dieing as they try to patch the OZONE. It's up to you to protect your love ones and your best friends tell them to visit the LINK below,,it will explain whats going on. YOU BETTER PRAY ,,god bless



Top is stupid. - by Red Man Lodge As... - May 17, 2005 7:46am
Re: Top is stupid. - by Hawk - May 17, 2005 10:49am
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