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Re: Faithful Respond to "DNA Evidence Does Not Support BofM as Historic Doc"


Why doesn't the DNA match to the extent that it should? To me the answer is so obvious, that I think I may be missing something. Adam and Eve were of one race right? Now 6 or 7 thousand years later we have several races, whose genetic material differs, this difference accounts for the racial differences. When God changes skin color or other features, he does this by changing the genetic makeup of the people he does this to. So it would make no sense to expect that the Lamanites genetic makeup would be the same as the Jews, after the lamanites had a skin color change. This seems to easy, [why can't everybody see this reasoning]? where am I wrong?

Curtis Blanco

Bountiful UT

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Replying to:

If you have not done so already, here is a page where you can view a documentary on DNA evidence

and the Book of Mormon:

In reply, I've posted an index here:

I'm anxious to get the response of my friends. Others of you that I don't know are also welcome to

post your comments as well.

Here is my response:

April 27, 2003 -- Date I first watched the DNA documentary.

Having been one who was raised with a second-nature belief in the Book of Mormon as a factual

historic document, and having had numerous epiphany spiritual experiences in conjunction with

the Book, and having personally discovered many unique evidences in the Book

especially relating to Parallel and

linguistic patterns, and Alphabetics

word-number patterns
within it, as well as a huge

historic/prophetic parallel
between Book of Mormon history and the history of the house of

Israel from beginning to end, focusing on our day and what lays ahead; and having had even personal

spiritual experiences in which I have felt to be in the unseen angelic presence of ancient Book

of Mormon personages
; and being privy to modern discoveries of North

American relics
that bear Hebrew religious philosophy; I am not so quick to dismiss the Book of

Mormon as a fraud, even though my B.S. in Microbiology and two years of graduate work in Virology

and Physiology have given me adequate scientific background to know that the DNA testing is very


There are too many signatures of angels and of the Holy Spirit of God on the book for me to

dismiss it as bogus because of this recent revelation regarding a lack of DNA evidence to support

the claim that the Book of Mormon is a factual historic document.

It's not that I'm not being dishonest with myself about the facts when they are presented. 

Rather, it is because I also consider spiritual phenomenon to be factual, and I know of many times

when science is not always right -- a fact that is borne out by later science.

So rather than base my conclusions on what science is telling me now, I choose to hold out for

better science.

Meanwhile, I will say that even if it were indeed shown that the Book of Mormon is a work of

inspired fiction struck off by the pen of Joseph Smith, this will not cause me to disregard the Book

of Mormon as worthless.  The literary evidences I have personally discovered, as mentioned

above, bear strong witness that the book is extraordinary and worthwhile as a book of spiritual


That said, let me present to you a piece of contemporary archeological evidence for

the Book of Mormon and the religion it spurred.  This is something that is overlooked by most


I draw your attention to the headquarters of the Mormon faith -- Salt Lake City, and the

surrounding Wasatch Front.  There are some remarkable unique geographical parallels between

this location and the country of Israel.  Both regions sit on a major north-south fault that

has pent up potential for a huge quake.  Both are situated near a dead body of water -- the two

largest and only such significant bodies of water on earth: the Dead Sea, and the Great Salt

Lake.  Both are filled with a river named Jordan, which comes from a large lake: Utah Lake, and

the Sea of Gallilee.  Both are surrounded by large mountains.  Both are headquarters to a

peculiar religious body of people noted by people worldwide -- the Jews and the Mormons.  Both

are situated at a crossroads of trade: Salt Lake City is considered the "crossroads of the


The notable difference is that the arrangement is North-South in one, while being South-North in

the other, which calls to mind the chiastic scripture: "the first shall be last, and the last

shall be first."

The prevailing thesis of the website I operate is that the Mormons were ordained of God to be his chosen people

in these latter days, even as the Jews were chosen to be his peculiar people anciently, and that as

the Jews rejected their Messiah on religious grounds, the Mormons are rejecting the Lord on

political grounds.

The first shall be last, and the last shall be first.  North, south, south, north.  The

grand Chiasm -- manifest right before our noses in the modern archeological setting of the Mormons.

Now there's a double helix for you to think about!

Sterling D. Allan

p.s. The last portion of the documentary

in which Pastor Joel Kramer makes an alter call to all Mormons who have been deceived, taints the

presentation significantly.  The video loses its objective, professional touch at that

point.  It would be much more effective without it.

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