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Re: Re: Re: Re: Mormonism teaches a different gospel

The protestant church remove 14 books from the Old Testament as the King James Bible and the New International Version are missing 14 books from the old Testaments also. The Mormon Church uses the King James Bible.


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Two things: (1) wagon trains (2) not one jot or tittle from the bible to be removed, changed or altered.


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everybody thinks they are right. everybody has reasons why others are wrong. unfortunately, no one can prove anything. now dont go and say god this god that and we are right, blah blah blah. when you talk directly to god, find out who is right. until then, be open-minded. just cause a priest or pastor or whatever tells you something doesnt mean it is true. they too could be hearing false information and that includes the bible. it was written by humans and we have the tendancy to minipulate the truth. this is the way i feel and if i offended someone then you are probably closed minded and it wouldnt really matter what i said anyways. thank you and good night.

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