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Contact form email not working

I have a wordpress site and they suggested that I contact Bravenet hosting about this issue.

Basically people have been submitting contact forms on my site and I'm not receiving the emails.

All tags are correct on forms.

Wordpress plugin - Contact Form 7

Here's the site where the form is located:

Also on submit it says it was sent successfully.

Please help!

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Re: Contact form email not working


I had a look at the plugin code. The only thing I can see (assuming other parts of wordpress can send mail successfully) is that the plugin may be in demo mode. Other than that I'm afraid I can't help much.


Browser: Mozilla Firefox 4.*

OS: Windows 7

Re: Contact form email not working

it could be the issue scutterman mentioned

or the e-mail address you are expecting the forms to go to.

If it is the yahoo email address you have with your post then that could be the issue

might have to add to your filters to allow e-mails from them.