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Hi, I am new to all this so looking for some help as clearly I am doing soething wrong.

I have just built my forst website using Office Live, I have followed all instructions to put a feedback page in using HTML code, but when I enter the code, only a blue dotty line shows up where I want the feedback to go, I press save anyway but when I go to view my actual website page it is just constantly trying to laod but show nothing, just shows read where trying to load??

Can anyone advise me what I could be doing wrong? (Leymans terms please lol)


Re: page

When I try and embed the code (which compared to other html codes seems short? but I am a novice!) I get a message:

To make script tags using the "src" attribute work correctly when using the HTML module, defer="defer" has been added after the URL.

Not sure if that means something? I have just used another free guestbook and that worked fine so I know I am getting the basics right but just can not get the bravenet one to show up??

Re: page

Oh! A Bravenet Guestbook? I never guessed. Thought you were using some kind of office live thing. When I know, I can find it, but it is badly mangled. This is probably something your editor does.

You may want to look at this page:

I found it searching for "x5cx2f", which is what OfficeLive apparently uses instead of "/". There seem to be numerous complaints about this, all (those I looked at) from Office Live users. Probably there is a setting you are missing. Say, you are using a "enter text" function instead of a "enter HTML code" function. Or something - I've never tried Office Live. Or perhaps you accidentally entered your code into a mess of other code. But yours was badly mangled.

If you look at the source code of your page, search for Bravenet Embedded Service Code, and compare the surrounding code with the original code you copied.