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MySQL Issues

We're trying to get our database to work we can't figure it out, it keeps giving us this message:

Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Unknown MySQL server host '5thperiod_2261931' (1) in /misc/13/000/227/014/1/user/web/ on line 2
Unknown MySQL server host '5thperiod_2261931' (1)

we typed it in Macromedia Dreamweaver for some student database project and it hasn't opened right in our Bravenet account....

Any help??

Re: MySQL Issues

I couldn't say for sure without knowing the setup behind the database, but it looks like "5thperiod_2261931" is the database name. The host name will most likely be "localhost".

Hope this helps

Browser: Mozilla Firefox 3.6.*

OS: Windows 7