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Password Gate, site protected needs user detection script

I have a simple one page geocities website. I want a username and a password for people to enter it. Im using Password Gate for the password and login. I set up a page for it. I logged in with a valid user name and password, it took me to the website. But, I can just enter the website html address (the one i want protected), and it will show up. What i need is some sort of script to detect if 1. the user is a member and 2. if the user is a member, that person needs to be allowed to view the website.

So basically i just need a script the detects if the user has a valid login and password and if not, that person needs to be rejected.

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Re: Password Gate, site protected needs user detection script

The function you want is available on a Yahoo! Web Hosting Starter account, but not on GeoCities. Yahoo! doesn't allow you to use password protection on a free GeoCities account, per their Terms of Service. You have to find something that works on the server, not client-side logic such as JavaScript.

What about Bravenet, you ask?

I don't know if Bravenet offers HTTP Authentication, but with a Premium Hosting account, you could set up what you want, using PHP/MySQL. It will take some effort, but as you say, you need a script.