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HTML text left on page????

I have added some features to my site such as a link for pay pal shopping cart, a counter, and a link to my other shop. When i look at my published page the links are there but so is all the code. What can i do to fix this problem? I used the cut and paste method

Re: HTML text left on page????

When your inserting HTML code, you need to switch to a text editor. It looks like your using the Website Wizard. When your editing your content areas, from the Wizard, you should see tabs for the Code Editor and Visual Editor. Open up a Notepad or Wordpad window and save the HTML you are trying to enter. Then delete what you already entered. Switch to the Code Editor, find your place in the code, and then insert your HTML code. When you save your work, you may not see everything in the editor. Publish your changes and preview your pages. All your links should show and operate. If your still having trouble, let us know.

Re: HTML text left on page????

he simply forgot to switch between code & visual editors,
code should be placed in code editor only!!
isn't it?