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Am I being charged AGAIN?

Hey Bravenet,

In February of this year, I paid for a year's subscription for the "pro" templates. It shows on my account that it is paid until February, 2005.

Now when I pull up a "pro" template to view it, before I can add it to my favorites, I have to click the button beside it that says "purchase."

My question is why do I have to "purchase" any "pro" template when I have paid for a full year's subscription? Also, how can I be charged again for a pro template without my permission? Anybody know?

I thought I would post this here first to see if anyone else may have the same question before opening a private ticket.

. . . Help puh-leez

Please ignore the above post about being recharged. I have moved the question

to the correct forum. Sorry. I wasn't paying attention to which forum I was in.