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where do i copy/paste codes?

i have my codes for my guestbook, photo center, web counter, but i have no clue where to paste them. everything i've read has said it's very easy, just paste it where you want it- but whenever paste it where i want it, it just shows up as the code on my site. help please!

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Re: where do i copy/paste codes?

You must use the "html view" provided by your web editor. HOW you do this depends on what editing software you are using, consult the vendor's help file or tell us what you are using.

Re: Re: where do i copy/paste codes?

i have no idea what im using. i assume its the service? what is "html view"?

Browser: sinnykins,2

Re: Re: Re: where do i copy/paste codes?

what is the name of the software you use to create your web-site?
in every WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor, there is an option to see the actual code behind a page-look... that's where you have to put your code.

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