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Cookie Login

Hey, I am working on a personal website and need to find a way to create a good login script, please dont tell me to use things like the 'login coder' or things like that because i have tried them but my site consists of many 'must have come from' scripts and the things like that stop them from working propley because they do not work unless they come from a a href link code.

Anyway my question is, does anyone know a suitable login i could use. I will need one that can support multiply users. I am aware that there are these really good login things which work by storing a cookie on the persons computer when they enter a right password which then lets them get to certain pages (while this cookie is on there computer) and then when they click log off the cookie clears, if anyone could supply me with one like this then please please tell me.

Thankyou for your time.

Re: Cookie Login

Can someone please help me with this...i kinda need this thing really fast, please help