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When you use iFrames, how do you get the page inside the frame to change? ex: if inside the iFrame is 'you', how do you get it to go to 'web' w/o the whole page refreshing? Do you have to code a new page every time and put it in the iFrame?

Re: iFrames

are you asking about targeting..? like, how does a new page show up in the iframe box without having to create a whole new page? if that's the question then i can show you how to target, so that if you press on 'me' for example, itll show up in the box and you dont have to link to a completely different page. you can email me or reply here. if that's not what you were asking then im sorry !! good luck !


Re: Re: iFrames

That's what I was trying to ask. How do you target a page into an IFrame? Is there a code you put onto each page?