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I feel like such a newbie, lol...image help

OK, I started a new project last night, I have a problem and the forum I would usually address this in is not working for me. I have found a new host that allows hosting of multiple domains from one account. I've never done this before. The name has propagated and is online (link above). images don't show up.

In case not all hosting does the same thing for multiple domains mine is set up as a subdirectory. My main domain is and in the root directory there is a subdirectory womenhelpingwomen that points to. Inside that subdirectory I have an image folder where I first put the images. Then on the page I just put the path "images/title.gif" it didn't work. I tried "/images/title.gif", didn't work. I put the images in the subdirectory womenhelpingwomen, which would be the root directory for that site I guess then put the path "title.gif" and "/title.gif", nope...then I put the images in my main root directory and put the paths, "title.gif", "" and "" and even tried "". NOTHING works.
I've refreshed, ctrl F5, closed and reopened browser
The page is above, and you can see the images work:
I don't get what I've done it the hosting you think...I'm so confused

OK, when I previewed this post, the title image worked on the page but not the other two. I refreshed and the title disappeared. When I right click on the images and click "view image" they work and then they show on the page until refreshing. What it my pc? I seem to recall this problem before on this forum maybe, but I don't remember what caused it.


Re:result is the same for me.

That forum you're talking about has a server-issue right now...:-/

Don't know about the images, just wanted to confirm it's not your PC. I didn't see the images, right-click/view made them appear, refresh made them disappear again.

Don't know if it helps but viewing the image, then right-click|Properties gives me this: "The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors." I do see the image though..

Wait a sec: is this on a server where that forum is too? Might be nothing you can do anything about then...


Re: Re:result is the same for me.

nope, different server. My main domain has not changed over yet...still shows from my old server. I switched the name servers over for that one yesterday morning. This new domain was just switched last night. Could it be that it is still in propagation mode? Oh wait...can't be, I checked with my mom and she saw the images on the page just fine. What gives I wonder