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Tallulah Bankhead's Dad & Uncle

Hi there,
I have a box of framed autographed photos that belonged to Tallulah Bankhead's Dad & her Uncle--I think they were part of their Political Pal's Wall, or Rogue's Gallery. Many of the folks in the pictures are Historical, Political People. Some of the people I have been able to identify--some I do not know--yet. I purchased these a few years ago at an auction in Richmond, VA.
I do not know whether I should:
1. Keep these pictures as a collection,
2. Identify them all and sell them as a collection or individually,
3. Remove them from the frames (that was my original thought--I wanted the lovely, hand-made, oak frames) and sell the items either separately or collectively, or what???

I know Tallulah Bankhead had a sister, Eugenia, who lived on the Eastern Shore.

She (Tallulah Bankhead) was born in Alabama.
Her Father was William Brockman Bankhead--and he was Speaker of the House of Representatives (He was succeeded by Sam Rayburn--there is a an autographed picture of WB & Sam Rayburn in the group).

Her Uncle was Senator John H. Bankhead II, and her Grandfather, John H. Bankhead was a Representative and Senator of the US as well.

If any of you have advice, or are interested in these photos--of which there are MANY, please let me know.

Thank you.

Re: Tallulah Bankhead's Dad & Uncle - by RE Hill - Oct 28, 2011 1:38pm
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