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Welcome to the Tallulah Bankhead Message Board! This is a place to post your thoughts and questions about Tallulah - have fun!

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Tallulah meanderings

Miss Bankhead has been an idol of mine since childhood. Possibly because my father's mother was from the same culture (as Dad puts it "the Decadent Southern Aristocracy"). My grandmother was both sophisticated, spoiled, wild and loads of fun. She even used a long cigarette holder. Childhood visits to Tupelo, Mississippi remind me of Tallulah's childhood. Several years ago, my partner and I were visiting friends in southeastern Tenn., and decided to visit Tallulah's birthplace in Huntsville, Ala., so we drove down and visited the site. On the way out of town later, there was a rain storm so powerful that all the cars had to pull to the side on the highway. We both decided it was Tallulah's "RAIN".

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