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I'm related to Tallulah Bankhead

Hi Everyone! Really I am related to Tallulah Bankhead. It took some digging to explain it but John Hollis is my Great,great,great,great,great,great,great,grandfather. (WHEW!)
It all circles around John Hollis, his youngest son, William had a son, Ruben, who had a son, Ransom, who had a son, Uriah, (who married several times). Uriah Hollis is the father of Nancy Ella Hollis who was born 4-1-1870. She met and married Andrew (Jack) Walker, born 07-29-1856 and they were married 12-24-1888. Ella and Jack were the parents of Spreadney Jackson Walker (aka "Pud"). Spreadney married Etta Bryant, and had 5 children, J.C. Walker, Della Mae Walker, Andrew Jackson (Jack) Walker, Emmett Walker, and Beaulah Faye Walker. Beaulah Married Albert Peter Davis and had 2 children, Bruce Gene Davis, and Nyla Carol Davis. Bruce married Margaret Faye Smith, (Peggy) 07/01/1967 and had 2 children...Shawnna Michele Davis (ME!!)born 02/15/1968 and Jason Albert Davis, born 01/20/1972.
Okay, maybe no one cares, but I happen to think it's really neat! If anyone has any other information regarding the Hollis Family or any other relatives, I'd love to hear from you.

Shawnna Reid

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