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Re: Tallulah & The Big Show

By far the best CD's of THE BIG SHOW, are available through Radio Archives, out of Spokane, Washington. This organization specializes in cleaning up whatever is available from the original discs, and puts them out on regular CD's. The quality is fantastic. I have bought many of the compressed CD's on ebay, and believe me there is not comparison. They now have 4 volumes available, and a possibly another two will be available in possible March 2008. More expensive, but the quality is well worth it. I was amazed, how well they sounded, from what I had experienced with the MP3 compressed formats. They probably sound better that they did when aired back in the early 1950's. I am sure Tallulah would be pleased. Just go to Radio Archives on the Internet, and read about this preservation organization, and all the various old time Radio Programs they offer. Quite impressive. Richard

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Does anyone know where I could find downloads of The Big Show?

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