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Welcome to the Tallulah Bankhead Message Board! This is a place to post your thoughts and questions about Tallulah - have fun!

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Ok, so I'm flipping through channels and come across this film. I instantly knew the beauty onscreen. My friend stops drying her hair and says, "Bette Davis". I returned, "No, Tallulah Bankhead". My friend, believe it or not, bears a striking resemblence to Tallulah! My friend doesn't do old black and white movies, but made the exception today because she found herself intrigued by the film and the pretty lady onscreen. The film, "Lifeboat", has made a Tallulah fan out of my friend We decided to look up some sites to get info on Tallulah and found this gem of a site. Thanks so much!

She's finishing her hair now but I am glad "Lifeboat" held her interest enough to introduce her to the glamour and wonder that is Tallulah! Nats

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