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Re: Re: tallulah on radio

old time radio dealers and ebay offer some of these programs

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Where can i find those radio broadcasts?



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If you get a chance, listen to the 20 or so available 90- minute "The Big Show" NBC Radio variety programs out of around 80 programs broadcast. Tallulah is delightful as mistress of ceremonies performing with many entertainment legends in skits, banter and song. The show was incredibly expensive to produce and was radio's last major attempt to hold onto an audience against the onslaught of television in the early 1950s. "Command Performance USA" broadcast over Armed Forces Radio to troops overseas during WWII and immediately afterward has to be the greatest variety show of the 20th century-in radio or television-which Tallulah hosted once or twice, but "The Big Show" comes pretty close. Following a similar format, it has been claimed that "The Big Show" was an blatant attempt to recreate the real excitement of its predecessor and it succeeded, it was a media sensation. The $100,000 budgeted for each show helped it win impressive ratings, but not enough to justify the incredible expense and was cancelled at the end of its second season. Check it out.

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