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Re: FITZ's bottle

Steve, Thanks for the info. I have since found out, by talking to a friend of mine (who is 50 yrs old), that he remembers drinking FITZ's drinks, he says the green bottle was ginger ale, and they also had many other flavors such as cola, cherry, grape, orange, cream soda, and seltzer going by his age, I would say the bottle is at least 40 yrs old, presuming he remembers drinking them when he was 10 yrs for the numbers and markings you were asking about...there is no marking where the bottle cap would have been...but on the bottom of the bottle the markings are as follows. right side: 5, left side: 60, top 8551(or I) A, lower: 95, and in the middle of the bottom of the bottle there is a shield with the letter H....that's all I have so would think with the production of so many flavors from a bottleing company in Houlton, Maine there would be a bit more info....So when I goto town I will check out the library...thanks for to you soon..


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