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FITZ's bottle

I live in Northern Maine..sometimes I find bottles at old dumps in the woods...recently I found a FITZ's bottle, but don't know anything about it....I can tell you it's green.. holds 7 oz...the painted advertisment on the front reads: drink FITZ's beverages "it's good"....the reverse reads: contents 7 fl. ozs. ..FITZ's beverages Houlton, ME .....state inspected well water........when I tried to do a search on FITZ's...I come up with some famous root-beer in St. Louis Mo.(though the logo writing style is the same on their bottles)...the only thing associated with Houlton is that a local Tom Fitzpatrick had a dining hall in 1947 with his brothers..but then in 1948 opened another dining hall and started a bottleing that then where this bottle came from?...what is the apx. age of this bottle?...and what would be its market value, if any, when trying to sell it?....any help is appreciated..thanks


Re: FITZ's bottle - by Daytondigger - Jun 2, 2009 8:12pm
Re: FITZ's bottle - by Eric - Jun 3, 2009 9:03am
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