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Post questions, or give answers, about soda collecting, bottles, collectibles, etc.. Please be as detailed as possible with your question, as well as your answer. Thank you!

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Kanner's Healthful 7-11 soda bottle

I found a soda bottle buried in the sand under what was the old Chinees built "Tidewater Tonapa" railroad track bed. This is about 40 miles out in the middle of the Mojave desert. It's a green in color, 7oz. bottle and has a painted lable that says "Drink Kanner's Healthful 7-11" It has a image of 2 nude ladys on each side of the logo and a pair of dice showing 7-11 -- It also says "Globe Bottling Company, Los Angeles, Ca." I can't find any information on the web re: this product or bottling company. Please forward any information you might have.

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