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old bottles found in basement of new home

when I moved into my house, there was alot of junk inside, the landlord said to keep whatever or throw away, in basement were quite alot of old glass pop bottles, some one told me they could be worth something, I have no idea where to begin looking up information. The bottles have no hint of brand name, although the wooden cases they were in had been painted over, but look like they may say pepsi cola. The bottles are clear glass, 8 fl. oz. have white painted on labels with red lettering, with clear stars and red stars. Writing on front says Enjoy... BUY-LOW BEVERAGES cont.8 FL.OZ. the back says in White lettering IT'S So-Da-Licious and also has a white star underneath. Bottle is quite heavy, maybe just under a pound, if not a pound. There is some lettering and numbers on the bottom of bottle, says 1231-A could be an O or a 0, not sure...also has what looks like the number 72 8FL.OZ. under that the number 3. From the top of the label to the bottom of the neck are alternating raised and indented lines about a 1/2" apart. If anyone has any ideas about these bottles, please feel free to contact me please....Thanks...

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