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Runes, Alphabet of Mystery

This forum is for discussion of runelore and related subjects, such as the mythology, history, culture and languages of the people who used the runes of northern Europe.

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traditional symbolism and creativity

Hello Im Russ.

Im not exactly sure how to word this so Ill start here.

I was rummaging through my dads fishing tackle box and I found some stones that I had dug out of the heads of sheepshead or drum fish when I was little. These stones ere calcium deposits used by the fish to pick up vibrations to enhance its ability to "hear".

It occured to me that this kind of thing could have its own symbloism. Interaction with unseen forces and the like. If I were to incorperate one into a charm could it affect it? Or since it has no traditional value would it just remain inert?

The overall question I guess is whether creativity is recognisable or is there just one way that things are done?



Re: traditional symbolism and creativity - by William - Oct 11, 2010 11:13am
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