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This forum is for discussion of runelore and related subjects, such as the mythology, history, culture and languages of the people who used the runes of northern Europe.

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American Chestnut runes

I am mainly a harmonica maker and I've lately been using a very special wood, American chestnut.
By definition, it's a special wood, having been commercially extinct for about a century. But this wood is a bit more special than that, it is the Deming Wood, having been salvaged from a barn built by Revolutionary War veteran Simeon Deming in Washington County, Ohio. American chestnut is about the least biodegradeable wood there is, so when the first settlers moved in, there were plenty of chestnut logs laying around that they built with those. The wood I have was cut from the center of the tree, so providing the tree lived a full life before it died, the wood could have grown as early as the 1300s and there is a good probability that the tree itself would have been growing when the Vikings still roamed the seas.
I'm not a rune caster, but I have always been interested in making them, since my paternal ancestors were Vikings who settled in Normandy.
I'm just curious to know if there would be interest in sets of runes from this wood.

Re: American Chestnut runes - by Sunny - Jul 24, 2009 12:42pm
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