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Athletes in need of Fascial Stretch Therapy or Triggerpoint Foam Rolling Techniques

Hello There!

I'd like to reach out to all athletes and coaches. As a former cheerleader in my university years, I know how hard you train and practice for competitions throughout the year. I also know the other side of injuries and overtraining.

I come with 9 years experience in the personal training field - A native from the St. Thomas/London area offering my services as a fascial stretch therapist and as a Triggerpoint Master Trainer for Canada.

I offer certification courses in proper foam rolling techniques and myofascial compression techniques that can help your athletes pre and post workout/competition improve range of motion, prevent injuries, improve athletic performance and also enhance recovery time.

I would love to get in touch with the head of your athletics department either through Western or at Power Cheerleading Athletics to see if I can be of help in your upcoming year of competition.

Many Thanks,
Glen Burgess

416 525 5813
FST Level 3 Specialist
Triggerpoint Master Trainer