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Halendas Fundraising is currently working with a diverse group of organizations across the Province Ontario providing them with a simple, effective, nutritious and very profitable fundraising solution. We are currently assisting parents and participants attend the World Championship in Orlando. We are also actively involved in fundraising support for swim clubs, skate clubs, Girl Guides, Cadets, Scouts, schools and other youth groups. If you compare fundraising options available, you may find Halenda’s is not only the easiest to manage but also possibly the most profitable.

We are a family owned meat company based in Oshawa and our product is made in Ontario. We produce a naturally smoked, artisan crafted Pepperoni Stix product exclusively for fundraising. They are not sold in stores. We are told by the teams, schools, clubs, youth groups, “non profits” and registered charities that who try our program that our pepperoni sells itself. That’s because the product has been developed to present excellent “perceived value” especially when people pay only $2 for it.

You can earn up to 57% profit!
Example: 15 people, with just one box each, can raise over $4,000.00 profit towards your next fundraiser.

Our product requires no refrigeration, has a 1 year shelf life, it is non allergenic (No peanuts, gluten, dairy or MSG) and is delicious. Schools use them because of their nutritional profile.

Our program will be new to you so I welcome any questions you may have, and I offer you my assistance. I am hoping you might either direct me to the appropriate contact person or share with me opportunities where you think we might be able to provide support.

905 576 6328 x 292