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Coach wanted

Hey we need a cheerleading coach for our high school cheer team 2013-2014.
We are excited to have it running again but need a coach! :)

Please contact for more info

Have a great day,


email: yazz_2313@hotmail.com

Re: Coach wanted

Just a tip, but if you want serious responses, you might want to list your team/school's name or at least indicate the general area. Canada is the second largest country in the world, after all.

Re: Coach wanted

Thank you for the tip, the school is located in West end of Toronto. We have been trying for 2 years now to start this team and all that needs to be done is get a certified cheer coach. We have over 30 students interested; girls and boys. We are in a good area and have a very good reputation when it comes to academics and athletics. We also used to have a very successful cheer team from 2007-2010 and the only reason it stopped is because the coaches got a better opportunity to work at universities. Please if you think you could coach our team Email me: yazz_2313@hotmail.com.

Thank you