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A GREAT new online, FREE cheer magazine has come to Canadian Cheerleading!!!
It's really coming along with fun articles and tips and deserves lots of support because it appears to deal with ALL levels of cheerleader and it's CANADIAN which is so cool - a nice change from reading all about American cheer!
It's still young but it's fun and informative! I'm sure as it grows it will be a great go-to source!!
Way to go to Canadian Cheer Star for getting to Canadian cheerleaders!!


Can we really call Cheer Star a magazine? It seems more like a blog site.


Lol, call it what you will but it is a fabulous place for my daughter to go to read fun, informative info. If we want to get into semantics, blogs are actually records of personal experiences and opinions of single authors (a "log" or diary on the web) and certainly, CCS is not that!
Either way, it is a fun read with reliable information that me or my daughter can count on to be there when we want it.
Unfortunately, she has been waiting almost two years for a copy of Twist and she is really not counting on one to come soon based on how long ago it was that Twist said they were working on some double issue or something. Who knows. All we can find are Twitter and Facebook stuff from that company and FB has lots of pictures but looking at a bunch of pictures and posts of and about people she doesn't know isn't exactly her idea of fun or informative. And why would she care who the top Canadian tumbler is? It's not like she can enter the contest. In fact, she is nowhere near that level so it's totally out of her interest. She told me that tumbling isn't what cheerleading is about and I agree. That's why we liked the CCS stuff we read. It talked about regular cheer related stuff not just elite cheer stuff. That's fine for those girls that want it but it's still only a FB page of pics and posts of and by strangers. The youtube thing was kind of cool but it's a bit annoying that there is all this stuff they are putting out there that they don't have to pay anything for but we're still waiting for our magazines that we did pay for? I don't get that at all and I'm not really sure how the cheer people in charge lets them get away with it? Why would anyone want to be associated with a company that has ripped off so many cheerleader clients in their gyms? I'd be mortified.
Anyway, whatever because maybe someday we'll get a magazine from them and we won't feel ripped off anymore but in the meantime finding CCS was a very cool surprise and we really like it!


Love Canadian Cheer Star Magazine! Finally a place to get great information for Canadian Cheerleaders...Keep up the great work!


That is a long winded post about Cheer Star...odd that you would be so passionate about it if you are just a fan


Dear Cheer Coach,

I am, Kelly Guillemette, the Editor-In-Chief of CCS. Have we done something to offend you? Because I honestly don't see the point in belittling us or our readers on a public forum.

We are a small Canadian Cheerleading website. We are free. Our goal is to report on Canadian cheerleading, have guest bloggers and some added fun stuff.

Perhaps it would help if you understood our Cheer Philosophy:

Canadian Cheer Star believes in Canadian Cheerleading. Over the years we have watched cheerleading in Canada grow from small, one day events in high school gymnasiums to national events with thousands of cheerleaders. All along one thing has stood out, Canadian spirit. Canadian Cheer Star was created with showcasing the spirit that is unique to Canadian cheerleading. From small All-Star gyms in the Maritimes to the large gyms on the West coast and every school and All-Star gym in between, Canadian Cheer Star is for you. For the cheerleader just starting out on her first level one team, or trying out for her middle school team to the seasoned veteran who has been cheerleading competitively for years and is now a level 5 athlete, Canadian Cheer Star is for you. For the newly minted “Cheer Mom” trying to figure out what is this sport that feels more like a family to the coach who has mentored athletes in school and All-Star gyms for years, Canadian Cheer Star is for you. We believe in Canadian cheerleading and we believe that every Canadian cheerleader is a star.

We promise to bring you the best of Canadian cheerleading. Its news, events, stories and some extra fun stuff. Thank you for joining us and we hope you enjoy Canadian Cheer Star as much as we enjoy creating it.

So, you see, we mean no harm or animosity. We just want to promote Canadian Cheerleading in all it's incarnations with a positive message. We are sure you do too.

Kelly Guillemette
Canadian Cheer Star