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CM4U Cheer Music Workshops

Hi, Dan Spiers here, I run a cheer music company called CHEER MUSIC4U out of Vancouver. We've been around for a decade now mixing music for teams all over North America!

We are in the process of developing a cheer music workshop style environment that anyone can be apart of. It will be designed to educate and train its participants in the many facets of being a cheerleading music producer. We emphasize the complete package of music production from the ground level organization and setup of your business or personal use, all the way through in-depth technical music production training.

WE NEED FEEDBACK from you. We are trying to feel out the best locations in Central/Eastern Canada for the first few workshops based on your interest.

Our curriculum will take you through topics such as sampling music, advanced audio engineering techniques, and setting up your equipment/work environment. Every participant will also receive a CM4U Sample Pack CD containing many new production tools to add to your production arsenal. The hands-on side of the course will include every participant working independently at their own station on their own computer. Each participant will receive one-on-one guidance from our instructors. Whether you are a first-time producer, or a seasoned veteran, the CM4U Production Workshop will take your music to NEW HEIGHTS!

Workshops Will Cover:

Management of Digital Data
Knowing Your Source Audio
Setting Up A Directory Structure
Sampling Music
Plug-Ins & Other Effects
Use Of A Template
Learning To Build Sections
Smoothing Transitions
Keyboard Shortcuts
Making Beats & Beatwork
Building your own sounds & sound effects
Mastering Class
Much, much more…

Software Requirements:

Adobe Audition 3.0
Sony Acid Pro 7.0

We will also be available to come to you for private training and consulting. We will work with you on-site and in your own studio. We can help with everything from equipment purchase and set-up, customizing your entire work environment, and polishing your production skills. We are currently traveling both domestically and internationally for consulting. Please contact us for rates and further information on bringing our expertise to you!

If you are interested in any of the above or would just like to know more, please contact us!