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Cheer Evolution National Champions Mix Up

Heard that Cheer Evolution made a mistake at this years Nationals, and rewarded the Cheer Force Jags National Champions for their Lrg Sr 3 - ALL girl at the competition, then a month or so after Black Widow's Lrg Sr 3 got told they had actually won Nationals in their division, and got sent a banner. Because there was an issue with imputing the scores.
I hope this is not a common thing for Cheer Evolution to do, my only concern is for the girls who were told they were National Champions, are are no longer. And for the team who actually did win nationals, yet didn't get the recognition of winning at the actual competition.

Re: Cheer Evolution National Champions Mix Up

People make mistakes it happens everyday! Cheer Evolution runs an amazing competition, yes an unfortunate mistake but really post this now. To me it seems like your trying to causing problems!! Both teams looked AWESOME at Nationals. Congratulations to CheerForce Jags and Black Widow !!!

Re: Cheer Evolution National Champions Mix Up

This is not the first time this has happened and probably won't be the last. Its not announced because it wouldn't be very good for their reputation. Should mistakes like this happen, NO, not at this level..thats why everything should be checked and double checked before going out, it is unacceptable at the National level. A club owner like Larry would definitely find an error as he is very thorough...A written apology I hope was sent from Cheer Evolution to Black Widow, but you can't really take the win etc away from Cheer Force those girls thought they earned it. It wasn't their error. I hope more coaches/owners really look over the scores, totals etc to make competitions more accountable

Re: Cheer Evolution National Champions Mix Up

To be clear, CE notified us of the error in scoring. It was an input error that we couldn't have detected. CE could have kept it quiet but did the right thing in acknowledging the mistake and providing us with a banner. It was unfortunate but the girls were thrilled to find out they had won and we appreciated CE noticing the mistake and letting us know.

There are certainly no hard feelings on our part and we are proud of the job our coaches and athletes did. Congratulations to Cheer Force on an excellent performance as well.