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USASF lv 6 Rule question

Hi all!

I have a question about a stunt I saw at PCA nationals.

Regina's routine had a free flipping front flip with a full twist. My understanding of that skill is that at a competition following USASF rules, that skill would be illegal. Anyone have any insight on this stunt, and if/how it would be legal for level 6?

Here's a link to the stunt I'm talking about, at 1min18sec http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hjne1vuTpXQ

(loved routine btw Regina, this post is not to pick apart whether or not anything you competed was legal at PCA, just to give everyone a visual of the stunt I'm asking about. I'm a big fan.)

Re: USASF lv 6 Rule question

USAFS Level 6 rules
Flipping tosses are allowed up to 1 1/4 flipping rotation and 2 additional skills.

The skill shown is a front flip (3/4 flipping rotation) with 1 twist.

It would be considered a toss and not a dismount because the 'dismount' of the stunt is the part where the flyers come down to squish. The next skill is a 'toss' from squish position.

If you are considering using it, you too should send video of your team performing the skill, to the legalities person that handles rule interpretations for the respective company that you are going to compete the skill at.

Re: USASF lv 6 Rule question

I would suggest that if you try this skill, that you do a better job separating the skills. Have one of the top's feet touch the floor to obviously indicate that one skill has finished, and that a completely new one has begun.

As for a front full, that would be allowed (as the other coach mentioned above). You're only not allowed to twist when you travel from group to group.


Re: USASF lv 6 Rule question

This is good to know! I would have interpreted it as a dismount as well, and was wondering the same thing!

Thansk for asking and answering everyone :)