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Border Challenge Competition in Windsor

Hello all. This year The Cheerexpo competition company is hosting a Cheer and Dance event in Windsor Ontario on February 4, 2012. Northstar Cheer Of Windsor will be co hosting this event. We are looking to introduce the city of Windsor to the exciting and challenging sport of Cheerleading. Our area has no high school cheer teams and only fledgling University and college teams. Here at Northstar Cheer have been growing steadily over the last 6 years but we would like to reach an even broader audience and help any program that may be trying to help build this industry in our area. The competition entry fee includes classes and clinic that the athletes may participate in when they are not competing. It is greared toward team at level 3 and below. We are also inviting teams from Michigan and Ohio to participate in the border challenge. If anyone is looking for an additional competition, please concider coming down to Windsor for the Border Challenge. The battle of 1812 was fought on this very border 200 years ago. Lets take the battle to the competition floor!! Please check out the details @ www.cheerexpo.net