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Nationals Photos

Does anyone know what company did the photos for UONCC? Their website would be helpful as well.

Re: Nationals Photos

Trace here.

We did not have an event photographer/service.

For the inevitable question why/why not:
- aside from people wanting to lift the pics (albeit low res and watermarked) from the on line ordering pages... very few pictures actually get purchased (primarily because college aged athletes either don't need them/want them or have the $ to buy them)

- I always get a kick out of how YOU pay to enter an event, then pay to have a video shot of YOU and to get a picture of YOU. Yes, I know that's just the way it is but eventually, we will get to a place where you are given the video and pictures as a thank you for providing the entertainment and excitement. (some events already do this as part of their perversely over inflated entry fees)

- todays camera and phones are great. Heck, aside from the 'professional photographer' behind the lens, the clarity of some of todays phones is a whole whack better than many of the SLR cameras from 10 years ago. So what I'm sayin...do it yourself is pretty darn good.

- Facebook and our need for instant gratification (immediate uploading apps and the inevitable multitude of FB images that are on line before you even get out of the building) has usurped the 'event photo' and photo service. Yes, I'm sure that Jamie Christian and others could argue this but in my observation, NOW and crappy is more popular than LATER and professional.