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Team Canada

When will the Canada Coaches be posting the requirments

Re: Team Canada

They've been up for about two weeks now. Check out the website for all the details. Videos are due in mid-January.

Good luck!

Re: Team Canada

Hey Nat,
It still looks like last year's info on the site to me too! Unless it's the same and no one changed the dates...?
If not, can you give us a link to the updated material? I've been all over the website but can't find it.

Re: Team Canada

I've been watching videos lately from 2011 worlds. Just curious if Canada is still competing level 5. I actually much prefer watching coeds team canada better than team USA last year! Not sure what coaches have planned in the future for Canada but I Can't wait for the day Canada sneaks up on the States and kicks some butt ;) Already HUGE improvements since first year. Cant wait to see what the coaches put together for 2012 season!!(no matter what the level of course :) )
Go Canada !!

Re: Team Canada

Hi Athlete

They are up now. My apologies, they were delayed in going up.

Regarding level 6 or "premier" (as the ICU calls it), at present we aren't certain if we are able to field a team at this level. With the success of the Flyers and other All-Girl 6 teams we are hoping to field a team - coed however, isn't really on the landscape this season. That being said, we will field teams based upon the talent pool that presents itself. If that is enough athletes to be competitive at both elite and premier for both all girl and coed, we will try.

We know that the ICU would like Canada to enter the Premier division however, given the intricacy of these routines, its a difficult thing to put together in the 6 days of training that we have. Our first goal is to represent Canada at the level that showcases the talent level of the teams safely.

Bottom-line: we'll see:)