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PCA Nats

Are the spectator tickets are 20$ for each day or for both days?

Re: PCA Nats

I was wondering about that too, it says 20$ for a single day on ticketmaster, meaning 40$ for two single days, but 40$ for the weekend seems expensive?

Re: PCA Nats

Clearly you haven't been to a Cheer Evolution event.


Kind of pointless to post this as the event was over, 2 days ago but:
at the door: Adult tickets: $18, $12 for kids (age 6-10) and free under 5.

Ticketmaster adds on a mess of service fees. I never recommend buying non-reserved tickets for a cheerleading event, through an on-line provider. We 'have to' offer a Ticketmaster option as it is part of the contract but you as the consumer, certainly does not have to use them.

There was a 2 day pass available at the door, for $30.00. Not an unreasonable price @ $15 per day.

Very ver few people purchase two day passes as they are either their for All Star or for the Universities, but rarely both.