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CE Nationals

Please tell me I am wrong in understanding the registration package for CE Nationals. They have split registrations into 2 categories (Full Package and Competition Only).

Full Package Registrations are for those teams staying in a specific hotel (which CE will get a share of).

Competition Only Registrations are for those teams wishing not to stay in a hotel. So any local teams basically.

Here's the kicker. These are early bird registration rates:

Full Package Registration - $80 per kid
Competition Only Registration - $100 per kid

So if you are a local team you get charged an extra $20 per kid to Register, because you are local. So imagine a team of 30 that is from the niagara area and a team of 30 from say Kingston (obviously Kingston will use a hotel).

Niagara team - 30 X $100 = $3000.00
Kingston Team - 30 X $80 - $2400.00

Difference - $600.00

So because local teams won't stay in hotels to give CE even more of a cut, they pay extra just to register.

Sure all the teams that are say 3 hours or more away love it because they get a bit of a break to help pay for a hotel (again that CE will get a cut of). While all the commuter teams pay extra because of where we are from.

Where was this discount for all the Niagara teams when Nationals was held in Toronto all those years?


Re: CE Nationals

Wow, well said! that's exactly it! Maybe they just want to keep sticking it to a particular Niagara club. Does this include costs for schools as well? It will be very interesting to see if any local teams will actually pay that price to attend...thanks for showing your true colours CCE but then again they don't care about a handful of teams..maybe the local papers will.

Re: CE Nationals

I highly doubt they are trying to 'stick it to a particular Niagara club'. But yes these rates seem to apply whether you are a school or allstar team. So effectively they are 'sticking it' to the Niagara Region as a whole.

Re: CE Nationals

Yeah I don't get it either... but I don't think it's Niagara that's screwed. Page 2 says this "Please note that 1 run teams and programs located within 50km of the Scotiabank Convention Centre are not required to pay the ‘Competition Package’ registration price"

Re: CE Nationals

How many programs are really 1 run programs except for mini, tiny parents etc? This competition is getting worse and worse with change of venue higher entrance for what a towel snd long sleeve shirt or bows for winners. But I guess everyone will keep lining their pockets with money. Too bad

Re: CE Nationals

Don't forget to add HST to all the fee's, early bird $100 plus 13% = $113.00, up to $180.00 plus HST $203.40...thats just crazy! For what? If someone can really justify the increase and unfairness raise in fee's for this competition please feel free to let us all know why.

Re: CE Nationals

But yet you all keep going to their comps thus enabling them. End of story

Re: CE Nationals

Until recently there weren't any other options but now we finally have some other companies running events in Ontario. We will definitely be supporting those events, we can go to all of those events for less then Evolutions Provincials or Nationals. Maybe others should look into those events as well.