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Cheer Innovation - December 4 Competition

Hello Coaches!

Join us for an affordable, casual competition with a fully sprung floor, awesome and "innovative" prizes and lots of fun!

Affordable at only $249.00 per team!!!

Judges and Event Staff with years of experience!

Fully sprung competition floor!

Convenient venue location just minutes from the highway!

Performance only fee of $99.00 per team!

Amazing and experienced sound team!

A great way to get your teams performing and evaluated!

Surround your teams by true sportsmanship, respect and just the fun of cheer!

Knowledgeable and friendly staff always ON HAND that are available to make both your experience and your spectators experience the best it can be!

VIP Host for the Coaches!

Parents Host!

Overall All Star Grand Champions Cash Prize of $500!

Overall High School Grand Champions Cash Prize of $500!

We look forward to having you as a part of our 1st event!

Cheer Innovation


Re: Cheer Innovation - December 4 Competition

Good luck with it Mark!

Re: Cheer Innovation - December 4 Competition

A competition that offers a cash prize as a grand prize! Thats a great idea...hope teams support this type of competition

Re: Cheer Innovation - December 4 Competition

Must say I was pleasantly surprised with I-Cheer today. While small in size/teams it was a fun, well run competition. They really did all the small things well it seemed (on time, knowledgeable staff, good setup, and fun things during judges breaks.

Another huge plus to this event was the LOW entry fees ($249 per team I believe). Not to mention they awarded (2) $500 CASH prizes (1 to an AS team and 1 to a SCH team that maxed out their level the best). Oh and they ran a 50/50 and half went to the winner in the stands and the other half??? Went to a randomly drawn team that competed!!!! Very cool decision there! Not so sure any other company would have ever done that...

When have you heard of a competition in Ontario doing that with such a low entry fee.

Great job Tara and Mark! Your first competition was a success in my eyes! Hopefully other teams will give you a shot!

Re: Cheer Innovation - December 4 Competition

I agree!!
I appreciate the time and effort that this organization put in to make sure everyone was happy!!
Running on time, cash prizes, medals, etc etc!
I would recommend this to everyone!
We cant wait until the next one in March!!!

Re: Cheer Innovation - December 4 Competition

Not to mention spring floor, great MC, parent host at the door for newbies such as us we were able to ask questions that I think normally wouldn't have been answered. Loved the t-shirts as well. The banner was awesome in the background...we can't wait to do this competition again in March! Great job to the organizers!