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Cheerleading in Niagara Region?

Hello! I am moving to the Niagara region and I was wondering which gym would be best to go with. I've heard of SuperCheer Scorpions, Niagara Allstars, Wolverines, and Cheer Empire Eagles. Does anyone have any input on which gym would be the best to go for? I'm moving from North Carolina in September

Re: Cheerleading in Niagara Region?

Hi There,
If you would like any information on the Wolverines program please drop me an email and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Cheers!

Re: Cheerleading in Niagara Region?

I cheered for the scorpions when they first opened in Niagara - and have kept in contact - a great gym who really cares about their athletes.
I would definitely check them out!

Re: Cheerleading in Niagara Region?

Guessing the athlete chose a gym already given that she was moving to Niagara in Sept.