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Varsity Comes to Canada


And it begins...

Re: Varsity Comes to Canada

Oh yippee. Non sprung floors for school teams and constant advertising to go to worlds if you are an all star team. And if you dont go to worlds, you aren't worth spit. And dont forget to wear a Varsity uniform cuz if you dont, you wont make finals.

Re: Varsity Comes to Canada

Niagara is the new Hershey Center :(

Re: Varsity Comes to Canada

im just hoping some competition will prompt alliance to lower their prices!

Re: Varsity Comes to Canada

Their first competition better be solid or they will just follow OCF. A $35 Ontario is sweet but so early in the season is odd? Nationals for $65 is cheaper (obviously) then Cheer Evolution but CE are no spring chicken. They have been at this for awhile. While I realize Varsity is a big company in the states, Canada is different. Like I said, I think most teams/gyms may give them a shot but the leash will be short so to speak.

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