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High school teams being disallowed by school boards

Wondering if other high schools can give me more information about cheerleading teams at the school. Our local athletic association has decided our teams are no longer a sport that they will support and therefore our schools are disallowing the teams to compete representing the schools. We would have to compete as a club and therefore against all star teams. They will not allow us to represent our schools at all.
How do other high schools deal with this issue? Are you a sports team? Club? Do you have insurance through the school board or do you have to purchase your own?
Thank you for any and all information!

Re: High school teams being disallowed by school boards

Where are you? City/School/Prov/State and school board.

Re: High school teams being disallowed by school boards

At our school, we not considered a sport under the athletic program but they consider us a club and therefore can still represent the school. As for insurance, we have purchased insurance through OCF to cover us just in case the school or school board goes this route...our school supports the team but not financially we do all the fundraising for our team for comp fee's, bus etc...

Hopefully what has happened to you is not the way all boards are going and I would be getting all the parents etc together to try and fight it.