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Hello and welcome to the Message Forum! Here's your chance to post messages to me and to other visitors about whatever your little heart desires. Of course I like to talk about all things to do with writing, painting, Canadian, children, being a parent, being alive, children with special needs (especially with Asperger's, PDD, hyperlexia), astrology, spirituality, Myers-Briggs personality profiles, ah - what the heck, anything!

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Re: Re: The time of the end has come...


Thanks for responding!

Actually, the phrase "The time of the end has come..." has a Biblical basis for Infinite Productions in reference to the Rapature and Great Tribulation. "Eternity has begun" is also Biblical, referring to the Millenial reign of Christ. The Infinite Produces prophetic and allegorical works based on the Bible. That's why Infinite Productions has this slogan.

I hope this clears matters for you! If not, I am open to all your quesitons.

I also want to thank you on the compliments given to the websites. they certainly did take a long time to create.

Just one minor correction, however, not intended to be mean. ableedingheart Ministries is spelled all small, just to mean there is more than one ABleedingHeart. I hope you understand.



Infinite Productions

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Hello infinite. Well, I have to say that your website shows some very good elements of HTML and the ABleedingHeartMinistry is cute, but, ummm, beyond that, your point is? My point is eternity always has been and the end of time is replaced by the beginning every single second. Kinda like the refresh button on the top of my browser. Good luck with your webmastering career, you seem to be good at that.

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The time of the end has come... Eternity has begun...

Are you ready?