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Hello and welcome to the Message Forum! Here's your chance to post messages to me and to other visitors about whatever your little heart desires. Of course I like to talk about all things to do with writing, painting, Canadian, children, being a parent, being alive, children with special needs (especially with Asperger's, PDD, hyperlexia), astrology, spirituality, Myers-Briggs personality profiles, ah - what the heck, anything!

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Re: Re: Re: My New Forum

I was in a really snippy mood yesterday, so the reply I posted, well, I became the omnipotent web-forum cyber message shooter and zapped it today. So here's me in a much nicer mood!

Phew! DJ can breathe a sigh of relief, I was about to give him heck for fooling around on my forum when he should finishing up his Chapter 6 - the world is waiting!

My favorite number is 8 - that's because it's perfectly balanced (unlike me ) and it is the symbol for infinity. Can anyone else say exactly why their favorite number is their favorite number? hmmm

As for horses, well, I was horse crazy until the time I was riding a runaway horse with my foot caught in the stirrup - just missed my head hitting the side of a barn door by oh, about an inch. That was the end of my equestrian career!

Liked the Virgo perspective on Aries girlfriends. So here's the flipside. He liked her independence and never realized she needed him; when she really, really needed him he withdrew until she didn't - and then she really didn't! He liked her sense of humour until she said the wrong thing to the wrong person and embarassed the heck out of him. He liked her spontaneity until she jumped up on a stage one night to sing with a band on a whim and then forgot the words - ditto on the embarrassment thing. I guess the thing is, an Aries woman looks like everything a Virgo may like to be - bold, independent (though they are, in spades), adventurous, silly, funny, firey...until they actually have to be around them a lot and then I guess it's just a thing of, why don't you just settle down? An Aries will, but if you bank an Aries fire it will smolder - an Aries is a direct person emotionally - don't like it when people shut us off.

Anyway, as far as all that goes, as far as relationships anyway, it's the other stuff in the chart that's more important - the moon for men (the type of woman he'll be attracted to), a bunch of things for women (what can I say, we're complicated) - so tell me, oh wise speaker of all things astrological - what if you have a Virgo whose ascendent is 8 degrees away from an Aries person's ascendent so their houses are all the same. Eh??? Enquiring minds want to know...

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I posted the message before this one. Thought their snoopy software would know who I was? Guess not.

Marginalia, re: today's date. One of the phone numbers my mother called a lot was xx8-0808. My middle sister, when she was learning to make words come out of her mouth the way she wanted them to, used to perk up when Mom headed for the phone and she would (sister would) grin, point and say "Eight- Eight!"

..... Jim (the absent minded?)

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***Can't tell ya what it might be like for an Aries to Date a Virgo, Might be able to tell ya what it was like the other way around? (She talked so much I never needed to think of anything to say, and she spilled stuff on herself anywhere we went (chocolate Ice Cream on a pink blouse most often). And would have died to have a horse...) (there were a couple others who were interesting, but not quite as much as this one. Two never let me know where I stood with them. Were we just friends or what? And my favorite was coming back to life after a mismatched marriage, but she wanted it all and I was only a small part of that (pout pout).

***Cats? I'm watching my friend's cat for a couple months. The cat followed me into the bathroom and watched me pull my skin off (undress? I'm trying to see this from the cat's point of view.) Then I realized she was there and smiled at her. She must have thought I was about to pull her skin off, too. She muttered something like a very worried sounding, "Mwrrrrrrrrrrr" and ran so fast she 'spun her wheels' like a cartoon on her way out of the room.

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Hello, and welcome to the Forum! I enjoy belonging to egroups with their healthy discussions on various subjects, so I thought I would add this to my site. For those who are familiar with my site, I have a variety of interests and like to incorporate those of people who have talked to me about theirs, and I appreciate the fact that my visitors come from all over the world.

If you've been around my site a while and have been following my Comments, there's lots of subjects I would like to have people discussing here. Things close to me of course are writing, relationships, personalities, spirituality, and kids.

As a mother of 2, I spend a lot of time researching stuff for my kids and for my friends' kids. And my youngest son is something special - very bright but he has some problems. He has semantic pragmatic communications difficulties with behavioural problems (he's being tested for that form of autism). So of course, people who have experience with Austistic children and those with Autistic spectrum disorders like Semantic Pragmatic Disorder or Aspergers Syndrome - your comments, stories, links, etc., would greatly be appreciated.

Beyond that, well, want to talk about your latest dream? How feng shui worked for you? What it's like to be an Aries dating a Virgo? What it's like to be alive? I do, and so do my cyberfriends (real life ones too!). I love to learn about whatever people what to teach, so there you go. I think you'll find a lot of people want to hear it too.

So welcome, and as always, I respect peoples privacy. If you want to call yourself Joe Blow and leave no follow up stuff, that's okay too. The intrinsic value of the internet is communication and I'm not one to stifle that in any way.

Thanks for checking this out!