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Hello and welcome to the Message Forum! Here's your chance to post messages to me and to other visitors about whatever your little heart desires. Of course I like to talk about all things to do with writing, painting, Canadian, children, being a parent, being alive, children with special needs (especially with Asperger's, PDD, hyperlexia), astrology, spirituality, Myers-Briggs personality profiles, ah - what the heck, anything!

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Visit my site

I just opened up a site that has my new story that I have been working on. I need visitors. feel free to go and read a pretty cool story.

Re: Visit my site

Thanks for the link! I like your site, it's coming along nicely. The story has a good start; would you mind if I made a couple of comments on it? The first is that you have one child having a bit of the other father's blood type in it. That isn't possible, you can only get genetic material from 2 parents, even vampires

The other is that the dialogue is written like a play with actors speaking. If it's novel, you need to write it as a sentence; some description is nice too, like, Sheepishly she glanced at the floor, "Yes," Domina replied, "I did eat that antelope."

"You traitor!" Roared Tumbleweed.

See what I mean?

Keep writing, and it's a great idea to put it up on the web. If you want lots of visitors, don't forget to put meta tags in your headers so that when people search they will have your site show up too.