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Re: A Guru's thoughts on Worrying About What People Think

I liked the comments about what people think and yes, they are going to think whatever they like to think nomatter what you try to do to have them think the way you would want them to think. Does any of that make sense yet?

I completely agree with your comments anyway.

I would take it one step further to say that that goes big time for your kids too, especially when they get to a certain age, like from the early teens to the late twenties? They are so good at not caring what people think and even flaunting that fact in our faces. I want what they have. I once had what they have, but somehow that changed along the way and I became unconsciously very concerned about what people think between bouts of just plain unconsciousness. Where am I going with this you might ask? I don't really know, but I do know that I enjoyed your comments anyway.

Talk to you later,


Re: Re: A Guru's thoughts on Worrying About What People Think

Thanks, and you're right you know, I do envy the teenagers and young adults for their bold "who gives a **** about what anyone thinks" facade. But sadly...think back a little, they, of all people are the most conscious of what others think, most especially their peers. Oh, and parents? Well, just take what parents say and do the opposite, lol. As a mother perhaps I am a little lenient in that I do allow my children to watch and listen to some things that perhaps they shouldn't; on the other hand, it sparks some very healthy discussions, and if I think something is downright awful I let them know about it. There's very little (except for the more obvious stuff like drugs and what have you) that I outright say don't do it because I know (and I'm still this way myself) that that just drives them to want to watch it or see it. Forbidden fruit, no?

I was and am still kicking myself mentally for recently letting someone make me feel small, and for not standing up for someone I dearly love when I should have. I allowed someone to creep into my head and shame me, even when I am not at all ashamed of anything, nor do I have anything to be ashamed of. In fact, my life is pretty good all in all, and I have a heck of a lot to be proud of. Go figure, eh?

Like the saying goes, no one can make you feel bad without your permission. I did, and that is what bothers me. The Guru's thought was something I came across that I thought was very appropriate and timely, so here it is.

I appreciate your comment, and yup, it does make sense. Thanks,